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Thursday, September 27, 2012

First post: Introduction

Hello everyone,

I hope that if you landed in this blog it's because you are interested in knowing more about the Icelandic Sheepdog. There are many websites that give you breeding standards, the history and/or common attributes of these dogs. But what I found that was missing is more "owners" point of views of the dog as a pet in a home.

The inspiration for this blog is many, beginning with these two blogs that I found when we though we would get a Shiba Inu (they are full of useful tips for any type of dog).

Mac the Shiba: very nice blog, amazing pictures and lots of funny stories!
Shibashake: Owners have a Shiba and a Husky, so you can read differences in breeds, lots of training tips and more!

 Later, we were so lucky to find the website of Veronica and her Icie: and this one, is really the blog that made me want to start my own. Animal House

So what will you find in this particular blog?

Of course information about Icelandic Sheepdogs, but mainly:

  • Why did we choose this breed?
  • How did we find the right pup?
  • Puppy-hood
  • Training tips
  • General tips

And then I will keep adding stuff as Tjido grows up :)
He is right now 11 weeks old.

I hope this can help more people get an idea of what this breed is. For us this is also an adventure! So stay tuned and please let us know any comments or personal experiences! If you have a cool dog blog pass it on :)