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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Who is Tjido

Tjido the icelandic sheepdog!

Well his real name is Elron von den Kinnwies.. but Tjido is so much cooler! :P

His family comes from Germany, close to Siegen. A small town called Dietzholztal. This is the website of his breeder, a sweet woman who loves her dogs. She is recognized by the DCNH and VDH, the authorities concerned with the breed in Germany.

These are his parents: Fakur fra Klettakoti and Bergdis von der Kinnwies :) 

We have some pictures of his family ;) haha, you can also see mom a bit skinny after taking care of 7 pups! And finally a playful game with one of his sisters. 

He has declaws in all four limbs and double declaws in his hindquarters. He is slowly changing colours so i can't say what his fur will be like (i do think long haired..), but definitively reddish. Great temper & playful. Obsessed with birds. 

Double Declaws :)
Well, that's the official stuff! Next post I will tell a little bit of our little monster's life in Amsterdam!

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