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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Signs of spring!

Finally a post that's not about barking! :P

As promised I'm talking today about spring! That means mainly hair!!

I don't know how spring has arrived in your country, but here, well its takings its time really :S
Finally temperature started to increase beyond the 0 degrees haha and that also means that our furry friend starts loosing his hair!

We started brushing more often with our normal brush, but it was really time to get a serious tool.. too much hair flying around the house! So our local petshop recommend us ARTERO and well it works like a charm! I was a bit scared because in a few minutes I had allot of hair!!! When does this stop? (NO really, when do you know when to stop brushing?)

My dad is coming to visit, so we also gave him a very needed shower! He looks fluffy and white now haha, but looks are deceiving ;)

The heat is also making walks a bit different, Tjido is getting quite thirsty even after a normal walk. So I think we will have to bring water with us in the coming weeks.

We are taking him in bike rides in the afternoon, hoping to build up his condition. He really loves it!!! I hope we can make nicer trips where we can bike and he can follow us loose in a park or forest. But last time we did this, he got caught up with a dog and "lost" us. We were waiting for him, but he wasn't aware of our location, silly dog.

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