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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tjido's Toys - A review of sorts

As promised many times I wanted to write about Tjido's toys and our experience with different ones. Hopefully you can forget that I haven't updated since june :P
Ok so here below a picture of the main toys we have (excluding the large Nina Ottoson mind games):

So I will start with the left lower corner: Ropes! They look boring but they are great! You can see here 3 different ones.  They are great to play and teach your dog tug games. Tjido also plays constantly with them on his own :)

Going upwards: Kong Braidz. Actually this was a frog... I was very disappointed in this toy. Even though I know that all toys can be destroyed easily, Tjido killed frog when he was a puppy in no time. The squeaky head was fun but it was quickly torn apart along with legs and arms. I guess it's just annoying when toys are not that cheap that they can be so crapy. Now only the middle body is left. 

Then we have the Tricky Treat Ball. This toy was amazing, even though you can see it is chewed up, that was totally our fault (we let Tjido play with it while unsupervised and he took it to his bed to destroy it after the treats were gone). This ball has one hole for the sweets but it is not that easy to get the treats out. The dog can throw it around and it is fun to play with because it is soft, with the only detail that it can be broken if left to the dog alone. 

The orange ball I got as a present, but this type of ball is easy to find. It has two holes to get treats in as well but it is certainly much more sturdy and made to chew on. My friend actually had a pit bull or staffie (don't remember which) and the ball survived his chewing!

The plushy duck! This is great fun! The head is squeaky, the body makes a quack sound and the wings have plastic - what more can you ask for? We have this toy for special occasions because if not his head would be gone. 

Antler for dogs: I believe this small piece of antler has saved our furniture. Through his teething period the ropes and the antler were the best toys for Tjido. I think that at first he didn't get it, but once he started he loved it! He's very slow actually, the piece you see in the picture has been with us since we got him. 

Nina Ottoson's Treat Maze: After the death of the tricky treat ball, and the easiness of the orange ball I decided to buy a more expensive toy - great! It really is a good mental toy. The dog has to learn to wobble it and not bite it. But it is also quite heavy and awkward to bite, so Tjido now knows that treats are the main deal. The holes are quite big enough to put whatever you want, and it has two sides to put treats in. 

I think that I will leave you now with this list. I can say that only the toys that look boring are the best to leave your dog alone with and he will love, like the ropes and antler. But other toys are also great - you just have to remember that sooner or later they will be torn to pieces. And by keeping certain toys away, you make them special :) 

Tjido foto bombed the picture when realizing all his favourite things were on the table... 

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