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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Sailing Adventures - Part 1

Tjido is learning to be on boats.
We actually love sailing, but since we don’t have a boat of our own Tjido hasn’t been on one since puppy-hood.
Now Joost brother has bought a pretty cool boat- a Skûtsje, like they call them in Friesland. Since its quite big it’s stable. So first we got him comfortable on the boat and inside.
And now he has been twice on the boat in a “motor” trip, so no sails for now.
We are also teaching him to use his “doggy live vest”.

Training with my new live vest.

He getting slowly used to the boat, he keeps walking laps and comes to cuddle with me or Joost - I guess for a bit of reassurance. He already knows where his water bowl is and when we have to wait for a sluice to open, he relaxes with us.

On our way! 

Our last trip, we went to the north east of Amsterdam with the boat and biked back. Tjido was or in the doggie-ride or running along side of us. It was a great day!!!

Ready for our trip back on bike!

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